Japan 2016

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Osaka – Kyoto -Tokyo – Osaka
So sorry for taking so long but Luc and I finally went through everything and sorted the timeline properly so here’s our itinerary which we spent a whole day doing!!

Day 1 (Osaka – Kyoto)


  • Touched down at Kansai International Airport (KIX), Osaka
  • Left straight from KIX to Kyoto via the JR airport rapid train line
  • Arrived at Kyoto Station
  • Checked into our Airbnb
  • Sign up for Airbnb HERE
  • Our Airbnb room HERE


  • Checked out Gion-Shijio area (geisha district and lots of eateries around) to settle dinner and walk around

  • Dinner at 24/7 ramen place: Ichiran Ramen (seated in like cubicles where you are supposed to eat ramen alone to appreciate.) Order via vending machine.
  • Walked around Gion-Shijio awhile more before heading back to rest

Day 2 (Kyoto)


  • Headed to Nishiki Market at Gion-Shijio area (they sell the freshest food) and settled brunch there by buying a little bit of everything they sell (eg. teriyaki salmon/tuna cubes, fishcakes, soft served ice cream, soya bean donuts (must try!) and more)


  • Off to Nara to visit the Nara Deer Park and temples (JR line). You can buy the deer biscuits at a small price there. Quite a walk from the Nara train station.



  • Back at Gion-Shijio for dinner at Kichi-Kichi (do make reservations in advance at http://www.kichi2.net/ because they only have 8 seats in their restaurant!!!)
  • They cook the BEST omu rice and everything there is amazing.
  • Yup. Pictures/video says it all.


Day 3 (Osaka)



  • Started the day early because we wanted to avoid the crowd. Took the train out and visited Arashiyama Bamboo Forest and Fushimi Inari Shrine.
  • We visited the bamboo forest first before lunch!!

  • Settled lunch at a random restaurant along the huge river after visiting the forest


  • Visited the shrine last because they said the sunset view at the top of the shrine’s beautiful but we gave up almost towards the end cuz we lugged our Uniqlo loots with us HAHA

  • Back to Gion-Shijio area for dinner. Tried out Tomi Sushi!!!!


Day 4 (Kyoto – Kusatsu)

  • Left super early to head to Kusatsu for snow/hot spring!!!! On!! My!!! Birthday!! 😄
  • We stayed at Kusatsu Hotel which has a hotspring (public and private), hospitality and hotel foooodd
  • Settled lunch at a random restaurant once again


  • Walked up to the Kusatsu ski resort to chill (bad idea because it was such a long walk in the cold weather!!!!)
  • Back to the hotel to soak in the hot spring

  • Had hotel dinner food and I swear I almost fell asleep while having dinner the hot spring drained every single ounce of energy left in my body… (we look so LOL in the two pictures above HAHAHAHA) 


Day 5 (Kusatsu – Tokyo)

  • Arrived back in Tokyo and headed to Harajuku area for lots of shopping. (Takeshita/Omotesando Street)
  • It was too early for us to check in so we left our luggage at the locker storage of the nearest train station
  • Had lunch at Wolfgang Puck which was right at the entrance of Takeshita Street

  • Visited the Calbee Store to try their Royce chocolate sauce dribbled on their potato chips. Harajuku you would be able to find all the street wear shops such as undefeated, supreme etc. As well as a lot of shoe shops.
  • Checked in our airbnb place before we headed for dinner
  • Our airbnb room HERE


  • Dinner at Gyukatsu Motomura back at Shibuya. Went at 9pm to avoid large crowd but still had to queue for an hour because the  restaurant only sits about 10 people.
  • Would recommend you downloading movies onto your phone to watch while queuing because Japan is famous for long queues at every restaurant


Day 6 (Tokyo)



  • Started the day off with brunch at Yoshihashi for some really good sukiyaki!! It’s a one star michelin restaurant and it’s really worth it.
  • The lunch set is worth $20 sgd but the dinner’s $194 sgd / pax because they use wagyu beef for dinner!
  • Went back to Harajuku area to walk around a bit more.
  • Headed over to Ginza (higher end brands) and shopped around
  • Check out Dover Street Market, 8 floors high A&F and 11 floors high Uniqlo there!


  • Dinner at Sushi Ozawa around Ginza as recommended by Lucas’ cousin
  • Really good service but we felt it was too expensive for their quality of food


Day 7 (Tokyo)


  • Walked around Shibuya and visited the Hachiko statue at Shibuya train station (Hachiko exit). Say hello to the resident cat there as well!!!
  • Popped by one of the random ramen store around Shibuya area near the old Pablo cheesecake store that was there. MUST TRY THE CREMIA ICE CREAM in japan!!!
  • Went to Akihabara (Japan’s Nerd Street) to walk around and check out games and a lot of things! Definitely an eye opener.
  • Walked around a bit more before heading over to the Cat Cafe at Shinjuku area


  • Calico Cat Cafe is home to many cats of varying breeds!!! Super pesky and adorable.


  • Back to Shibuya for dinner at Standing Sushi Bar (you must really stand while eating) and the price? Super cheap and it’s still awesome sushi as compared to Singapore’s. Definitely worth it. MUST MUST MUST TRY. As well as the whale sushi.


Day 8 (Tokyo – Osaka)


  • First thing we arrived we just had to get to the nearest Pablo cheesecake shop!!!
  • Please buy the premium one!!!! It’s sosososososso good IT’S AMAZING especially the TORCH BLOWN GLAZED PART!!!
  • Okay but before that, we checked into our Osaka airbnb.
  • Our airbnb room HERE



  • Walked around Namba/Dotonbori and played at the UFO catchers HAHAH we actually won two huge ass Teds

  • Had lunch at some random Japanese Curry Rice stall near the train station of Namba.
  • Shopped around Namba and the many shopping streets.
  • Settled for dinner at Jinen Sushi which was really nice, especially their roast salmon skin sushi and Unagi sushi!!!


Day 9 (Osaka – Singapore)

  • Last day!!!!!!!
  • Checked out and left our baggage at the nearest train locker system once again.

  • Visited the Pokemon Centre at Osaka Station!!!! It’s together with Daimaru so follow the sign from the train station onwards.

  • Had ramen again at a random ramen stall before we left to the airport for our flight.
  • The japanese goodies are all found at the airport after check in!!!! (White chocolate biscuits, tokyo banana, royce chocolates etc)

  • Home Sweet Home 😦

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